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The Serpent

A serpent lies dormant in my chest It wraps itself around my ribs, sleeping. When I think of all my failings It slips down, landing heavily on my gut Squashing my diaphragm Redirecting the blood away from my head. Its … Continue reading

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As I peed unceremoniously into a transparent plastic pot, I wondered how this process has been overlooked in the medical revolution. After thoroughly washing my hands, I tentatively clutched my warm gift as I surreptitiously walked back through the waiting … Continue reading

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The Inseparability of Twins 

Twins are not that rare a phenomenon, with 8-16 pairs of twins per 1,000 pregnancies in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Of these, around a quarter are a subset called mirror twins. There is a simple Thai phrase … Continue reading

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If you can hold your breath when all about Kids sneeze open-mouthed at you, If you can trust yourself when all students doubt you, But make sense of their doubting too; If you can wait for a word and not … Continue reading

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Goodbye Grandad

We’ll miss your twinkly eyes and trademark floppy hair. Your inevitable snooze after lunch. The work ethic that meant you conveniently forgot about being retired. The impressive community spirit that you built with Barbrooks store and your sporting endeavours. Reydon … Continue reading

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5 things travelling has taught me about me

1. I’m grumpy when I’m hot. Living in a frying pan for six months can turn you into a raging Hulk at the smallest things: “No thanks, I don’t smoke. No I don’t want to buy your cigarettes as I’m … Continue reading

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An Unusual Request

“Good morning. Is that Sheffield County Council?” “Yes, how can I be of assistance?” “Well…this is a slightly strange request. I’m organising a naked calendar as a charity fundraiser, and wondered whether I need permission for the shoots.” “Oh, right. [Long … Continue reading

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