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5 things travelling has taught me about me

1. I’m grumpy when I’m hot. Living in a frying pan for six months can turn you into a raging Hulk at the smallest things: “No thanks, I don’t smoke. No I don’t want to buy your cigarettes as I’m … Continue reading

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Scorpion nights

A bitter crunch and the claw shattered between my teeth. The soy sauce dip dried my tongue with salt as black shards slotted themselves in my throat. The leggy remains of a crispy grasshopper lay on the white plastic table … Continue reading

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How to eat a scorpion

Step 1. Buy a scorpion on a stick on Kaoh San Road, Bangkok. Step 2. Make sure the stinger has been removed. Step 3. Grab a large Chang, or splash out on a Singha beer. Step 4. Think of anything … Continue reading

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8 things I regret packing on my travels

After ten weeks of backpacking and hauling my big pink rucksack around SE Asia, I realise that some items were essential and some were just dead weights. Here’s 8 things I wish I hadn’t packed retrospectively: 1. Warm clothes Denim … Continue reading

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Thai cookery class

‘More chilli, more sexy.’ I shovelled five more mini red chillies into my curry under my instructor’s watchful eye, before sabotaging my cooking partner’s dish with secret spice – much to my instructor’s approval. My bravado was something I’d regret … Continue reading

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Biking tour of Pai: Top ten highlights

The low clouds clung to the slopes like wispy threads of web as we hurtled towards Pai in our minibus. Cold air slapped sticky cheeks, and horns honked as fresh skid marks were laid around sharp corners. Our bus slammed … Continue reading

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Thai massage Vs. Laos massage

I’ve sampled both a Thai and Laos full body massage, and here’s how they compare: My sister and I signed up for a traditional Thai massage in the reggae-infused town of Krabi, Thailand. We’d spent a day climbing clay cliffs … Continue reading

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