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5 things travelling has taught me about me

1. I’m grumpy when I’m hot. Living in a frying pan for six months can turn you into a raging Hulk at the smallest things: “No thanks, I don’t smoke. No I don’t want to buy your cigarettes as I’m … Continue reading

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How to eat a scorpion

Step 1. Buy a scorpion on a stick on Kaoh San Road, Bangkok. Step 2. Make sure the stinger has been removed. Step 3. Grab a large Chang, or splash out on a Singha beer. Step 4. Think of anything … Continue reading

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Singapore Food Festival 2013

The food festival is a month long celebration showcasing the vast range of culinary dishes available in Singapore. Established in 1994 to promote Singapore’s gourmet arsenal, it has since become an annual festival to celebrate its hawker food heritage. This … Continue reading

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Eating fluffy clouds

I crave these two fluffy white local cuisines on a daily basis: 1) Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singaporean delicacy which is sadly facing distinction due to lack of local demand. However, in a stroke of good fortune, we have … Continue reading

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Things you can buy in a Singapore supermarket

(To be sung to tune of My Favourite Things): Fish balls and tofu, bean curd and kiwis, Quail eggs and Chang beer, noodles, shiitake, Fresh crab with chilli, starfruit and choc mousse, And let’s not forget about Kickapoo juice! Dim … Continue reading

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The art of noodles

The man slaps a lump of white dough on his metal work surface. Behind him, his wife tends to bubbling pots of miso soup, and dunks metal nets of noodles into boiling water. He sprinkles some flour on top of … Continue reading

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